Artist Statement

I used to be a full time letterpress printer which requires exactness, patience and acute attention to detail. Although I still possess, to some degree, these fine qualities I now prefer to work quickly and spontaneously. I work on several paintings at the same time, all at different stages of completion. The materials and tools that I use in any given work will influence the work. I allow the materials to react with each other experimenting with unexpected yet anticipated results. I resist fussiness yet find myself fussing. I resist designing yet find myself contemplating the color wheel. I do not want to know where and why I am making the next step, yet I am aware that I am always calculating this to some degree. Without this ambiguity I doubt I would find myself driven to go into the studio the following day.

To view my handmade books, drawings, prints and an expanded selection of paintings view my site www.dcwilde.com

Denise Carson Wilde


604-767-5968         dcwilde@shaw.ca                CV